When was the last time you put your wireless headphones in to listen to music or a podcast while doing another task? It probably felt like second nature to you, since wireless headphones have been around for a while and grow in popularity with new updates and advanced technology. Though we don’t think about the process literally when we insert those tiny plugs in our ears, the concept of wireless headphones utilizes hands-free technology and makes our lives more convenient. 

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You may be thinking to yourself…what does any of this have to do with government technology? (And trust me, we’re getting there.) As technology adapts and enhances over time, local governments must also transition and adapt to new industry-specific technologies.  

In our previous blog, we uncovered 6 Ways to Enhance Citizen's Video Experience. We covered some base ground on why video/live streaming meetings serve as an advantage to city staff and constituents alike for reasons like transparency, ease of consumption, tech advancement, etc. 

One of the ways to enhance citizens' video experience we mentioned was Hands-Free technology. And we got to thinking, this new tech resource probably deserves its own blog post.  So here we are, ready to take a deep dive into a local government tech trend- to prepare and inspire local government thought leaders to take action toward providing a more inclusive and advanced citizen experience.


You can video/live stream your local government meetings with specific equipment where a team records the meeting in-house, but sometimes this experience can be costly and inefficient depending on your goals. Not to mention, we know the run time for local government meetings can last for hours upon hours. And who wants to stand around recording for that long?


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Hands-Free video is essentially professional video equipment controlled remotely by staff, the staff even has the ability to switch between cameras  (for views of the podium, presentation slides, and dais), while also directing and controlling those cameras through selective panning, close-ups, and wide shots. So pretty much imagine a directing crew but local government style.  (Check the image below for reference!)

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City Clerks or IT Department heads are usually in charge of monitoring city and government meetings. With hands-free technology,  directing, controlling, and recording government meetings is left to the remote team while the city staff previously responsible can better use their time elsewhere.

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Hands-Free technology would expedite existing processes that city clerks or IT department individuals have in place for video/live-streaming government meetings.

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1. Avoid overpriced and complicated video streaming solutions
2. City clerks have more time to prepare agenda meetings and conduct the actual meeting
3. A remote video production staff with years of industry experience
4. Expand citizen audience engagement and enhance citizen government meeting video/live stream experience




Bottom Line:  Local government thought leaders know better than anyone that adapting to change puts one in a proactive position, ahead of the curve of new trends. Swagit has years of industry-experience recording city and government meetings. The hands-free broadcast system even offers PIP and split screen as well as selective panning, close-ups, and wide shots to enhance the meeting recording's production value. Ready to elevate your local government agency and advanced your processes for video/live streaming?


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