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rock solid is part of the 2020 govtech 100 |

GT100_940x630_2020For the past 5 years, Government Technology has published the GovTech 100, which is their annual list compiled of the “100 companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies across the United States”.  This year’s list of GovTech 100 companies includes companies that aligned with four emerging trends in the Gov Tech market, which include infrastructure, emerging technology, partnerships, and corporate expansion. As these trends continue to emerge, it’s easy to see why Rock Solid was included in the list. Here’s why.


One of the biggest shifts in the public sector market has to do with technology infrastructure. In particular, the movement to the cloud by government agencies. GovTech states, “Few recent trends have had a more profound impact on technology than the rise of the cloud. The move, still very
much underway, fundamentally changes the way people use technology — in a word, from centralized to shared. And the government, despite its reputation as slow to change, is no exception. In recent years, the public sector has become more comfortable with the cloud and turned to software-as-a-service solutions to make itself faster, more flexible and more effective.”

Rock Solid’s OneView citizen engagement platform is cloud-based and assists in sharing information across your agency. With OneView, cities see all resident service and information requests in a single place, gain insights into workflow management and make data-driven decisions based on Microsoft Power BI dashboards. In short, we are the only solution in the market today that provides a lasting, transformational approach in the way cities interact with their residents.  Our mission is to provide a platform that ties technology together, helping citizens and local governments work as one.

Emerging Technology

Another trend related to technology in the public sector was the rise of artificial intelligence and how government agencies are starting to get more and more direct access to tools that leverage AI. “Few innovations have been more essential or promising than artificial intelligence, an umbrella term for new capabilities in information processing and pattern recognition…AI is advanced enough that most small government agencies can’t afford the specialized expertise necessary to develop AI tools in-house, but realizing what’s now possible has inspired new thinking, new companies and demands for services that didn’t exist even 10 years ago”.

As we mentioned before, Rock Solid’s OneView citizen engagement platform leverages Microsoft Dynamics, which uses some artificial intelligence mechanisms to help agencies make more data-driven decisions. OneView gives you the insight you need to manage internal workflows and more efficiently engage with your citizens. With data at your fingertips, you can see how and why your citizens interact with you and bring departments together to address their needs.


As more and more investment comes into the public sector, partnerships are becoming increasingly more common and important. In GovTech’s words, “As technological advances created new markets and replaced many manual processes with software, the interests of different gov tech companies increasingly overlapped. Governments found themselves dealing with ecosystems of new applications that had to interface with one another and build on existing infrastructure. In many cases, gov tech companies announced partnerships, collaborating on product integrations and joint go-to-market strategies."

This trend towards collaboration means where one application ends another begins, but to unlock the promise of this digital layer of a city you need to see the forest for the trees. Rock Solid makes sense of this soup of software by basing our citizen-centric approach in a strategic partner ecosystem. So, while we certainly have an open architecture and maintain many integrations, we have articulated three focus areas for partner efforts.

First, and most importantly, we are building our software around ubiquitous public sector platforms like Esri for GIS and we are building our software on top of best of breed infrastructure with a common data model exemplified by the Microsoft cloud. Second, we are productizing out-of-the-box citizen engagement add-ons for select leading independent software vendors like Cityworks, CentralSquare, and Cartegraph. Third, we have created a Certified Implementation Partner program to ensure that it is not about exclusive partner relationships, it is about experienced partner relationships. It’s about empowering our customers and their existing network of trusted experts to design an optimal system that is set up quickly and configured to the city’s unique needs. With this commitment to partnership, we know we can make any city’s citizen engagement project a success.

Corporate Expansion

The final trend from Government Technology related to the ever-evolving public sector market and the increasingly common occurrence of companies being acquired. “Where the proliferation of new technology and markets created spaces for startups, it also made competitors out of larger businesses in once separate lanes. New ideas, innovations, and competition prompted companies to add tools to their portfolios and expand their business to accommodate different types of customers... For those that had the resources, acquisition became a common strategy, as some product developers found it easier to pick up the best startup solutions than to build competing ones from scratch."

If you missed the news last year, Rock Solid Technologies and CitySourced merged to become Rock Solid. CitySourced’s CRM and Rock Solid’s RESPOND back-office solutions are now sold as Rock Solid’s OneView. The citizen-facing native mobile and web applications are now OneLink, which is sold as part of the OneView platform. The merger means our technology solutions are more robust than ever before and will continue to add even more value to our agency customers and their residents.

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