What is a CRM? Local Government CRM Basics

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CRM refers to customer relationship manager, and in our case - or the case of your government agency, it's called a citizen relationship manager. At the center of this phrase is the word "relationship." As a government leader, your ultimate goal is to build relationships with the people who live in your world. It's impossible to meet everyone and understand the needs of each person, but a customer relationship manager makes it more accessible.

While that might be impossible, the best way to know and understand their needs is through the use of a customer relationship manager. This technology helps businesses and residents communicate their issues and concerns with you in an open forum.

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Through the use of a customer relationship manager, your citizens can access the platform, voice their concerns to the people in charge, and this creates a smooth transition into fixing their problem. The customer relationship manager allows you to know exactly what is happening in your local municipality so you can take charge and ensure everyone gets what they need.

A big problem that a lot of governments face is in their communication. They struggle to complete jobs in a timely manner because things fly under the radar. When there are 50 different ways to communicate with the government agencies, it's easy for jobs and issues to go unnoticed. When everything happens in one single place, it's much easier to stay on track.

Rock Solid's OneView Citizen Relationship Manager allows local governments to manage workflow and efficiently engage with their citizens. With OneView, local governments can see how and why citizens interact and bring their departments together to address citizen needs.

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